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Velvet Candle Co.

Dessert Candle Range

Dessert Candle Range

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Welcome to Velvet Candle Co, where we're stirring up a sweet revolution in the world of candles! Dive into our dessert-inspired collection, where each candle is a scrumptious masterpiece designed to tickle your taste buds and delight your senses.

At Velvet Candle Co, we believe in indulgence without the calories. Treat yourself to the visual feast of our dessert-inspired candles, where every flicker not only ignites a warm glow but also sparks a craving for the sweet things in life. 

Get ready to satisfy your senses with Velvet Candle Co's dessert-inspired collection – where the art of fragrance meets the allure of your favourite treats. It's time to elevate your ambiance and create a space that's as sweet as it is inviting. Welcome to a world where dessert dreams come true, one candle at a time.


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